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Attention: Manufacturers within 200 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan:

We Guarantee that We Will Cut Your Lead Times and Solve Your Supply Chain Issues In 30 Days

We help our clients cut leads times, consolidate vendors, keep bins full, hold stock, and provide just-in-time delivery

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Avoid the Disaster of running out of a part at the most Inconvenient time 

Here's Why Companies Outsource Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a tough ask. People usually manage inventory in one of two ways: most parts are kept on site and managed inhouse; or most parts are kept off site and managed by a third party. Each way has its pros and cons.

Keeping parts on site is convenient, but gets expensive and is a hassle. For example, inventory may be lost, misplaced, damaged, or disappears before it's used. Tell me if this sound familiar: an operator runs to the purchasing department because they just ran out of part A. Without part A, complete units won't be coming off the line. Purchasing inquires to their supplier about part A, and they come to find out that it's a 6-week lead time or they can pay triple to have next week. To solve this problem, companies outsource their inventory management. 

Working with a third-party sometimes sacrifices the convenience of keeping everything on site in exchange for having a reliable and consistent supply of parts. Now instead of calling a supplier and choosing between expedited and very expensive or a 6-week lead time, you call your inventory manager and get the part you need.

We worked with a custom chassis manufacturer who was tired of managing their inventory. We put in a can-man bin system for them, which resulted in reducing the number of offline incompletes and increased their manufacturing line's uptime.

Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

  • Large Minimum Order Quantities: you only need 10 pieces a month, but your supplier requires you to order at least 100 pieces at a time. What do you do with those extra pieces? They sit on a shelf and get dirty or worse, they get lost, damage, or misplaced. Where does that leave you? you have to order another 100 pieces and repeat the process.
  • Operators Wandering the Floor Looking for the Right Part: your operators are spending as much time finding where parts are as they spend working on the line. 
  • Keeping Track of Countless Suppliers and Vendor: your purchasing department is constantly having to keep up with tons of orders from multiple vendors so that it takes 3 people to stay on top of things instead of just 1.
  • Playing the Matching Game between Future Demand Forecasting and Part Lead Times: how many times have you ordered too many or too few parts based on what you thought demand was going to be? Now you have a bunch of parts you have to warehouse, manage, and keep track of, which takes up valuable floor space and someone to do the managing. Alternatively, you don't have enough parts and offline incompletes are rolling off the line, being put aside for rework later. Neither situation is good.
  • Not Getting Replies To Your Emails: how does it feel when you are reaching out to your supplier about the status of an order because it's very important and they don't get back to you for a couple of days, if at all? 

We helped One of Our customers consolidate 20 vendors into 1 person - Us

They didn't have to spend time negotiating with 20 different companies and keeping track of all the orders that go along with it. They were able to get consistent delivery and pricing. They could now have their purchasing staff solve other problems. So imagine if you didn't have to talk to 20 different people just to get all your parts. How many man hours would that save you? Probably 40-80 hours per week. What if you could reallocate 40-80 hours per week to other areas of the business? How much would that increase efficiency? 

How to We Solve Your Inventory and Supply Chain Problems In as Little as 30 days...  

8 Ways We Have Solved our Customers Inventory Problems

  • ​True Just In Time: avoid the pain of waiting six weeks or six months for a part you forgot to order and need next week for a production run - JWB Components will have it for you
  • Kitting: reduce the time and cost of having an operator combining different parts together to be ready for product by having those parts delivered to you as a kit
  • ​Consolidate Suppliers: you save time and headache by not having to deal with the myriad of vendors and suppliers with JWB Components doing that for you
  • ​Sourcing New Components: your engineers won't have to spend time sourcing new suppliers or vendors for components that are being discontinued or aren't available because JWB Components' engineer works with you to find new components that meet your specifications
  • Minimum Order Quantity: avoid the cost of buying parts at premium prices because you don't meet the minimum order quantity with an outlook toward a long-term relationship with JWB Component who orders large quantities to keep your price low
  • Slow Churning Inventory: no longer will large quantities of waiting-to-be-used parts be kept on hand for months or years at a time when JWB Components supplies you with what you need when you need it
  • Offline Incompletes: reduce the number of Offline Incompletes because the parts you need are predictable available
  • ​Responsive and Proactive Communication: we respond to most emails and calls on the same business day and we proactively contact you when things aren't going to go as planned. No one can predict with 100% certainty what's going to happen in the future and so we get ahead of delays, problems, and issues by letting you know as soon as we know something's wrong.

How we keep our customers lines from shutting down

JWB Components supports their customers with a variety of services

Inventory Management. JWB Components' inventory management service offloads the burden of manufacturers managing their own inventory. JWB Components keeps inventory of the parts their customers need, regardless of lead time, minimum order quantity, or difficulty sourcing. Our customers avoid the pain of having to keep track of lead times, dealing with multiple vendors and suppliers. This decrease things like offline incompletes and overall cost.

Centralize Inventory Location and Reduced Inventory Footprint. JWB Components keeps your inventory centralized and the footprint small. Now every operator knows exactly where to go to get the parts they need and how many parts are available for them to use. Operators then spend more time on your lines so that you have more complete product coming off the line at the end of each day.

Kitting. Kitting assembles multiple parts into a desired configuration ready for operators to use on their lines. This way, the operators just need to grab the kit they need and and use it on the line. JWB Components' assembled kits saves its customers time and money because operators are not spending time assembling parts and you have fewer part numbers to track. 

Part Sourcing. JWB Components works hard to find the best parts and prices for their customers. JWB Components has helped their customers resource discontinued or unavailable parts. Now purchasing departments aren't spending countless hours going between engineering and suppliers trying to understand specs and match that spec to what different suppliers have. Our engineer can use your spec, find a part that matches it, work with your engineering department to get approval, and then seamlessly transition you to the new part.

Wire Harnesses. JWB Components builds and assembles low volume, small circuit wire harnesses from print. JWB Components' engineer will work to make your wire harness according to your technical specs. 

We Cut the Lead Time Of a Critical Part from 16-20 weeks to on demand

One of our customers needed a reliable source of parts with minimal lead times to meet the fluctuating needs of their customers. They now get predictable part delivery and can always call us to request more parts. We deliver or ship on demand for them. They now meet their customer's demands way better. So what would it be like if every time you needed to ramp production up, you were always able to request and get the parts you needed? How much would that increase your reputation with you current customers? By a lot, most likely. What would it do for your company if you could strengthen the relationships with your customers because you could always deliver when they asked? How much more money would you make if you could sell more by meeting all the incoming demands from your customers in a reliable and timely manner?


We Built Wire Harnesses For A Customer Who's Supplier Just Stopped Delivering

Stop Dealing with Supply Chain and Inventory Uncertainties

One of our customers had trouble sourcing a wire harness that is critical to their production line. With out that wire harness, they wouldn't be able to keep their production lines running. We met their needs and have kept their production lines running. How many times have your suppliers failed to deliver? What if you could turn to someone who could help you fix your problems as they come up?

Have The Parts You Need When You Need Them 

Stop Worrying If You're Going To Have The Parts You Need 

You will stop stressing over your inventory needs because JWB Components keep your parts on their shelves. Our custom stocking solutions solve your problems. Talk with Bert from JWB Components and figure out where he can save you time and money. 


Avoid Supply Chain Headaches - Right Now!

What if you could have the parts you need exactly when you needed them?

You can have your parts exactly when you need them with JWB Components. JWB Components delivers true just in time shipping by keeping parts on their shelf for you. If you need extra parts tomorrow or a few less parts next week, JWB flexes with your inventory needs so that your lines stay running to meet the demands of your customers.

Let's See Where JWB Components can Save You Time and Money - Today!

About Us

JWB Components got its start in 2004 when a customers of Bert's sales representative business needed support for their inventory. Managing their inventory and dealing with different vendors and suppliers was onerous, expensive, and time consuming. They just wanted the parts they needed when they needed then. Bert saw an opportunity, and with his wife Judy, JWB Components was born. Since then, JWB has helped many different manufacturing customers meet their inventory and supply needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for you to start managing our inventory? The first thing we need to do is determine if we can help solve your problems on a phone call. After our initial call, we will ask for a list of parts you want managed, create a quote, and then have another phone call to discuss the quote and setup a visit to your facility. Next, we will visit your facility to determine how best to implement a management system. 
  • Our facility is more than 200 miles from Grand Rapids, MI, can you still help us? We would love the opportunity to hear more about the challenges you face and how we could find a solution to help you.
  • How long will it take to implement? We solved all of our current customers inventory and supply chain problems in less than 30 days.

Contact Information

Bert Block, Owner
Phone: (616) 292-4555

JWB Components, LLC
3667 29th St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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